Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We got to bring our little turkey home on Thanksgiving Day, and that along with the fact that everyone is healthy and doing well is something we are very thankful for! We have had Bailey for 4 days and she already looks so different so we wanted to put up a few more pictures for everyone to see. It has been nice being back at the house and so nice that we have my parents here to help us. Sleeping, pooping, eating, and crying is pretty much her life at this point and ours is trying to figure out all of that while still trying to get rest and stay sane (maybe that is more for me then Clint though). I could seriously just sit and stare at her for hours and can't believe how much I love her already. I am so thankful that Bailey is part of our family, and I am so thankful to be her mommy!

Ready for the ride home

Sleepy little girl

Wide awake and checking things out

Love those chubby cheeks

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

She's here!!


Bailey Holloway

She made her debut this morning (11/26) at 3:21am
Weighing 9lbs 1 oz
and 21 inches long

Mom and Bailey are doing great, and Dad couldn't
be more proud of his girls!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Ute in the Making!

Obviously, as you can see the baby has still not come yet. I have decided that her and Donovan's kid are up there saying, "You go first," No, you go first," little does she know that all she has to do is pull out the old "I Triple Dog Dare You" and Donovan's boy would be here, but for now we will all wait! My parents flew in from Washington late Friday night in hopes of holding their granddaughter when they arrived, but she has other plans I guess. So in the meantime while we all wait I decided that it is never to early to let your children know where theirs alliance in college football teams should lie. It was rival week in college football and yesterday the undefeated Utah Utes faced the team from down south known to most as the Y. Yes, I do realize that I did not graduate from the U, but I did go there for a few years and my dad is an alumni...what can I say there is crimson in the blood. Kiara, a friend from our ward, let us come over to watch the game even though they are die hard BYU fans (thanks again). We had a great time and for those who watched you would agree that it was a great game! The Utes completed their season 12-0, ending with the huge win over the Y with a score of 48-24. What a great season to be a Ute, and I was glad that I was able to have others here to cheer with me. Now that all that the game is done and my parents are here I think it would be alright for our Little Ute to come out, but we will see. Hopefully she will be our next posting, but until then GO UTES!

Me and my Dad sporting the Utah gear!
(I had to borrow one of his, cause mine don't fit very well right now!)

Yes, this is how we really feel!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Blog, a Baby, and a Boxer named Bronco!

Let the Blogging begin! So after months of saying that I was going to start a blog so that everyone could keep updated on what was going on with us out here in AZ, I figured starting it two days before my due date was a great idea (because starting anything two days before your suppose to have a baby is smart, right)! I guess I will just say, better late then never! I have so much I could post about what has been going on with us since we moved out here, but for now I will make it somewhat quick and fill in the details later. In the last few months there are really just two words I can say that have been keeping us very busy...Baby and Boxer!

Clint (and I) decided that since we finally had a backyard big enough, three months before we have a baby would be a great time to buy a puppy. We have always wanted a dog and I know that it will be CRAZY with a newborn and somewhat trained puppy, but we decided that it was either now or much much later. So about three months ago we bought a boxer puppy from a local breeder and named him Bronco.

Bronco the day we brought him home

He is a hyper and stubburn puppy, but that face is just so cute how could you not love him! Bronco has been in puppy training classes for the last 5 weeks in hopes that he will beable to listen and behave when the baby comes and I am hoping that is the case but we will have to see. For now he is our kid and is sometimes a handful, but I just figure it is good preparation for what is about to come.

Now for the next word...BABY. As you may all know, Clint and I are expecting a baby girl on November 18th which is two days from now, but who's counting. We are so excited to finally meet her and hope that she comes soon, but until she does I will give you the most recent belly picture and you will have to wait just like us.

Taken today - 39 weeks & 5 days

Besides gaining weight and feeling like my belly is getting bigger by the hour, I have been busy trying to finish the nursery and other baby projects I decided to take on. Thankfully I have had a lot of help with those and will post all of the finished projects in the next couple of days. So I will end by saying welcome to our blog and please come again soon!