Saturday, February 28, 2009

3 Months of Bailey

World's Cutest 3 Month Old Baby Girl
3 Months already? I really can't believe that Bailey turned 3 months on Thursday and even more then that I can't believe how much she has changed and learned. I think that the picture above sums it all up...Bailey is the cutest and happiest baby and I love her so much. So here is a list of some of the new and exciting things Bailey's doing...
  • Recognizes and smiles at Mom and Dad 99% of the time
  • Holds her head up when she is one her tummy, and sometimes will lift both arms off the mat and her head stays up - I like to call it baby yoga
  • Loves to hit and grab onto the things hanging from her tummy time mat
  • Sleeps for about 7hrs at night, wakes up to nurse and then goes back down for 3hrs
  • Loves the TV and Baby Einstein (she is daddy's little girl)
  • Sits up like champ with the assistance of her Bumbo
  • Balances sitting up while Daddy holds onto one of her thighs, and he is already starting to try and have her balance standing up
  • Is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
  • Likes Patty Cake and Wheels on the Bus
  • Talks your ear off in the morning

We hope you enjoy her as much as we do...sorry I couldn't figure out how to center the video!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh's time to catch up!

So its been awhile and a lot has happened, so let me catch you up......Bailey and I flew up to Washington the last week of January because my little bro, Gary, and his wife, Ashley, were going through the temple and then getting sealed to their little guy Gabe! If flew up on Tuesday and Clint wasn't coming until Friday so it was just me and Bails at the airport. Thanks to some recommendations from Kendall I got a new wrap carrier, which made going through security and everything else a breeze! Bailey did great the whole trip, even with our plane getting delayed over an hour. Really she should be used to flying considering she flew to Pittsburg, France, and North Carolina all while still in the womb...maybe I should try to get her some frequent flyer miles!!! While up in WA I got to catch up with a few good friends from high school, one on which had her 3rd baby that Friday morning we were up there so we got to go see the "not so little guy" Friday night.

Mom and Bailey on her "1st" flight

High School friends Sophia, Allie, and her 9lb. 10ozer Cooper

The rest of our WA trip was focused on my brother's family. Gary and Ashley went through the temple Thursday night and then were sealed to Gabe on Saturday. It was such an amazing experience and there was such a great spirit in the sealing room, especially when Gabe came in. I am so proud of Gary and Ashley for the choices they've made and way they have dealt with the challenges in their lives. There really isn't any better place then the temple and I am so glad that they made the decision to go and that we got to be there with them. Families CAN be together forever and being there with them and my parents just strengthened my testimony even more. We love you guys tons!

Cute little Gabe in his Temple outfit

Gary, Ashley, and Gabe...Forever a Family

Our whole family after the Sealing

What a CUTE face!

The day after we flew back from WA little Bailey had her 2 month check up. Bailey weighed 12lbs. and was 23.75in long, so that puts her in the 77th percentile for weight and the 88th percentile for her height. She also got her 1st set of shots, and let's be honest that is not something you want to watch your baby go through. A little bit of crying and a somewhat fussy night and our happy baby was back to normal the next day. Some of my favorite things happening right now are the smiles I get when she wakes in the morning and when you say her name, and the morning conversations we have...she is one chatty cathy!

Our little trooper

My last bit of catch up is super exciting...the last two Holloway cousins have arrived. Blake and Liz were over at our house on Valentine's Day when her water broke. So as you may assume our plans were cut a little short, cause someone had other plans. At 4:46am little Finnegan Holloway made his way into the world. We've been up to see them a couple times and are glad to see Liz's recovery so well. They should be out of the hospital today and we can't wait for them to get settled so Bailey and Finn can start playing. Then on Monday in CA Jason and Shannon welcomed a baby girl to even out the score. Sloan Stoddard makes the 3rd granddaughter and we can't wait to meet her!!! So as you can see A LOT has been happening in our family and it is all exciting stuff! I feel so blessed to have been born into such an amazing family and the one I married into is pretty great as well...I am so glad that we all get to be together FOREVER!

Baby Girl Stoddard

Bailey and her cousin Finn (why does she look like a giant?)


*I will try not to wait so long til the next post!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

All you need is LOVE...

Happy Valentine's Day to all our family and friends, we hope that your day is filled with lots of love!