Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Ute in the Making!

Obviously, as you can see the baby has still not come yet. I have decided that her and Donovan's kid are up there saying, "You go first," No, you go first," little does she know that all she has to do is pull out the old "I Triple Dog Dare You" and Donovan's boy would be here, but for now we will all wait! My parents flew in from Washington late Friday night in hopes of holding their granddaughter when they arrived, but she has other plans I guess. So in the meantime while we all wait I decided that it is never to early to let your children know where theirs alliance in college football teams should lie. It was rival week in college football and yesterday the undefeated Utah Utes faced the team from down south known to most as the Y. Yes, I do realize that I did not graduate from the U, but I did go there for a few years and my dad is an alumni...what can I say there is crimson in the blood. Kiara, a friend from our ward, let us come over to watch the game even though they are die hard BYU fans (thanks again). We had a great time and for those who watched you would agree that it was a great game! The Utes completed their season 12-0, ending with the huge win over the Y with a score of 48-24. What a great season to be a Ute, and I was glad that I was able to have others here to cheer with me. Now that all that the game is done and my parents are here I think it would be alright for our Little Ute to come out, but we will see. Hopefully she will be our next posting, but until then GO UTES!

Me and my Dad sporting the Utah gear!
(I had to borrow one of his, cause mine don't fit very well right now!)

Yes, this is how we really feel!


Joyce said...

Great shirts!! You guys most of loved watching the game on Saturday!

Allie said...

If I wasn't so competitive, I may have disowned you as a friend!! You're lucky I love ya! haha

Allie said...

By the way, would you give me the website for the guy that does those scripture scene pictures? Like the one your parents have. Thanks!

Mead Family said...

It looks like Donovan's baby beat your baby?! Why aren't you guys on Facebook?