Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Week with Grandma & a 5 Month Update

Last week my mom came into town to visit us, and we had fun keeping her busy! Thursday evening after my mom arrived we took Bronco to the dog park. Friday, we met up with Melissa and Reese at the Basha High pool so that Grandma Liz could take Bailey swimming. If you don't know already my mom is a swimmer so swimming with the grandkids is a must. It wasn't as warm as the 1st time Bailey swam so she wasn't as big of a fan of the colder water. We had a great day in the sun, and look forward to many more this summer (just wish Grandma lived closer to take her). Saturday, we took the family to the Phoenix Zoo. We had a great time walking around looking at all the animals...I even think Bailey enjoyed it too. We got a membership for Clint and I so I think there will be many zoo days in the future. Sunday was a typically day of much needed rest for everyone, but me! Monday, Bailey, my mom, and I met up with the Bradley moms and their babies for breakfast at Joe's Farm Fresh, which was fun and delicious. After breakfast we spent of the rest of the day shopping for stuff that we probably didn't need to buy, but that's what moms and daughters do right? Tuesday was Grandma's last day in AZ and it came way to fast. We had a great time with her here and can't wait for her next visit...hopefully Grandpa will get to come next time too!

Bailey also turned 5 months on the 26th, and I seriously can't believe that she has been with us for almost 1/2 a year! So to keep this post from becoming a novel I will give you a quick list of the new things that have happened this last month.
  • Rolled over from her back to her stomach
  • Had her 1st good laugh...and it was at the dog of course (doesn't she know she has pretty hilarious parents)
  • Found her feet and then quickly got over them
  • Makes the "raspberry" sound ALL OF THE TIME!!!
  • Can balance standing in 1 of Daddy's hands (pictures to come)
  • Went swimming for the 1st time & loved it
  • Sleeps in her own room (yeah I know she's 5 month, but whatever works right?)
  • Can sit up on her own...until she gets too excited then she knocks herself over

Happy 5 months to our little one, we love you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Little Fish

All of the Holloway's were in town this past weekend for Finn's baby blessing, and it was so great having all of the cousin together for the 1st time! Saturday we all went swimming at this super fun pool that is nearby, and Bailey LOVED it. This was her 1st time swimming, and the water didn't phase her at all. She loves the bath tub so I kind of assumed that she would like the pool, but you never really know. It's a good thing she likes it, because let's be honest we live in AZ and she really doesn't have a choice...we WILL be in the pool all summer long!
I bought her a little 3-6 month bikini on sale thinking she could wear it a couple times, but when I tried it on her she had rolls coming over the top of the back strap. She wore her rash guard suit the whole day (which is probably safer), but I put the bikini on just so we could get a quick picture of how cute she is!
Sunday we went over the Blake and Liz's house for Finn's Baby Blessing, and it was wonderful! Blake did such a great job and gave a very sweet blessing. We ate some GOOD food, had some good family fun, and TRIED to get some pictures of all of the grandkids (maybe it will be easier in the future, but then again maybe not).
Finn, the Man of the Hour...he was really hungry
Grandma & Grandpa Holloway with all the grandkids
We had a great time having everyone here, and it makes me wish that we all closer (maybe one day)!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Week in Review - Babies, Backyards, Blankets, Birthday, Bonfire, & Bunnies!

Okay, so April has proven to be a busy month and it does not look like it is going to slow down anytime soon! So before much more happens I better get a post in or I may have the longest post in blogger history. It all began last Saturday when I babysat these two fun kids...note to self don't have twins, I really don't know how people do it.

For those of you who didn't know Clint and I chose to do a natural birth with Bailey and we took the Bradley Method birth class to make that happen. So on Sunday we had our Bradley class reunion so that we could meet everyones babies and hear everyone's birth stories. I was really inspired by all of the stories and call me crazy, but when we left I felt a little baby hungry (but don't worry we will wait a little longer).
After the reunion we headed to Blake's house to celebrate his Birthday. I didn't get any pics of the Birthday Boy (sorry), but I did snap a shot of these super cute twin cousins!

Tuesday while I was nursing Bailey in the afternoon Bronco was outside barking like crazying, and I just thought he was barking at the lawnmower (which happens on occasion). But when I went ouside I actually found this...

Just imagine water shooting out of the pipe on the wall, and this guy bouncing through it. We thought it was his fault, but the pipe came loose on its own and he just enjoyed every second of it.
Wednesday I went to a GNO, with Bailey and my good friend Jenny, to a sewing class. The house that we went to was incredible and she had an amazing fabric collection which resulted in a super soft and super cute blanket for Miss Bailey.
Thursday night we met up with Blake, Liz, and Finn and headed out to see the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple. It was so great and you could totally feel the Spirit there which was nice as we headed into the Easter weekend. Sorry, no pictures from that night...we got there an hour ahead of time thinking that would be early enough and boy were we wrong!
Saturday was my 28th Birthday and it was a pretty typical day since Clint had to work, but it got better once we went to dinner. We went to this place...

Meet up with these fun friends...

Ate to many of these...

And blew out a Marshmallow since a cake wasn't handy
Happy Birthday to Me!
Easter morning we got up and went to church and had a really great Sacrament Meeting, and after Blake, Liz, and Finn came over for dinner and it was great (Thanks guys for making some good food). Bailey also got a visit from the Easter Bunny and here she is in her Easter dress with her all goodies (Thanks Grandma Millward for my Sheep)!
It was a great week and we've got another good one ahead. Clint's family gets in on Wednesday, and I'm sure I will have a lot to post about...but until then I hope everyone had a great Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

She can ROLL!

I have some posting catch up to do in the next few days, but I had to post this right away in my excitement. Bailey has rolled from her stomach to her back a few times, but not a lot...she just isn't that in to it. BUT...a few days ago she started arching over her left shoulder while on her back, so I would help and pull the bottom arm out to help her make it over. On Sunday she rolled over with our help, but TODAY she did it all on her own (4 times), and I was even able to get it on tape...please enjoy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bailey's Hunting Easter Eggs (sort of)

This morning our little town of Queen Creek put on a big Spring Celebration at one of the parks, and it including Easter egg hunts, bouncy toys, live music, and a lot of fun! Now I do know that Bailey can't actually hunt and pick up the eggs, but as I told Clinton many times...that's not the point. The point is that it is her 1st Easter and we need to at least have pictures of her celebrating it for the 1st time. So we went to the park and met up with Blake, Liz, & Finn, and Melissa & Reese for the Easter Egg Hunts. The 0-2 age group was first and yes I did run with Bailey and her Easter basket to the back of the field to grab her a couple of eggs. I don't have any pictures of that (though I'm sure it was a sight to see), because Clint was back watching the stroller and I took the camera with me. I thought maybe I could find a spot with a few eggs to sit her down and have her try to grab one and I would take a picture, but let's be honest the hunt was over in about 30 seconds and I was lucky I got her 5 eggs at all! We stayed to watch Reese do the next hunt and she made out pretty good! Melissa ran with her and I followed to take pictures...we got some good shots and she had a great time! Watching her made me even more excited for when Bailey is old enough to understand and do all of these things! But until that day we will be cheesy parents taking our child to these activities even if it is just for the pictures!

  • Top Left - Yes, she is holding her basket with one hand & one foot
  • Top Right - Capt. Finn sporting the eye patch found in one of Bailey's eggs
  • Bottom Left - Our Happy Family
  • Bottom Right - Super cute Reese filling up her basket