Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5

Today I am thankful for good friends that love my children, and more importantly they love them too!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Day 4

Please don't judge, but today I am thankful for having the internet on my phone. I didn't want it to begin with, because I figured I didn't need to have one more thing to distract me! But I have to admit it has been a nice companion during those 3:00am feedings & it is giving me the oppurtunity to blog from the comfort of my own bed! Let's be honest, you really can't complain about that! So now I will say goodnight & thank you modern technology!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3

Today I am thankful for my neices & nephews, and we are excited to welcome the newest one today! Welcome to the world Chloe...we love you and can't wait to meet you!

Super Fun Blog

Hey everyone check out this blog, and their current these pumpkins!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2

Today I am thankful for my calling at church. I am one of three Beehive Advisors in our Ward's Young Women group, and I LOVE it. I have gained such a testimony of the Young Women & Personal Progress Program over this past year. I was not the most active member during my YW years and I never fully had the chance to participate in all the program had to offer. Now I realized I missed out on SO much. This program is truly inspired and is so important for all the women of the Church. Over the past year in my calling I have gained a stronger testimony of my Divine Nature as a daughter of God, and I know that he knows me individually and loves me. For this I am truly thankful!

WE ARE DAUGHTERS of our Heavenly Father, who loves us, and we love Him. WE WILL STAND as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places as we strive to live the Young Women values, which are:

Faith * Divine Nature * Individual Worth * Knowledge * Choice and Accountability * Good Works * Integrity * and Virtue

WE BELIEVE as come to accept and act upon these values, WE WILL BE PREPARED to strengthen home and family, make and keep scared covenants, receive the ordinances of the temple, and enjoy the blessings of exaltation.

Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days of Thanks

Day 1

I have so much to be thankful for, but today I am thankful for Clint's new work schedule. He started working 10hr. days which means he is home later everyday (not so great), but he has every Monday off to spend with his girls! Thanks for all of the hard work you do for us babe...I love you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little White Dress

We had the opportunity to give this sweet little girl a name and a blessing on Saturday. Due to family traveling schedules we held the blessing at our home, which turned out great. Most of our family and friends were able to attend, which we are very grateful for, and we missed those that could not be there. Clinton gave a beautiful blessing, that was truly inspired by the Spirit. I am so thankful to have the Priesthood in our home, and to have a husband worthy to use it.

Men in Reagan's Circle

I think what has made my girl's blessing even more special is that both of them have worn the same dress that I wore for my blessing. My mom kept mine and gave it to me during one of Bailey's shower, and I am so glad she did. I love that this little white dress can be passed down generation to generation.

Our Little White Dress

I love my girls SO much, and am so thankful everyday that Heavenly Father has trusted me with these choice Spirits. The Spirit I felt this weekend reminded me of just how sacred parenthood is, and how these girls are relying on us to lead them home again. I pray that I may do my best to lead them and guide them with both hands holding fast to the iron rod. We love you Reagan and are so blessed to have you in our family!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

You know you live in AZ when...

you're swimming on September 28th!

The girls and I met up with Kristy & the boys, and we headed down to the pool to try to cool off! This was Reagans first trip to the pool and although she was dressed for the occasion she didn't actually get in the water...sleep was more important. After swimming we headed back to the house to relax and watch Peter Pan. I guess the morning was a little too much for Bailey, because after about 30 minutes of the movie this is what I found...

Here's to the end of summer (hopefully), bring on fall!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

One Month (plus a few days)

(Newborn Pics courtesy of Amanda Crookston)

On the 15th of this month Miss Reagan turned one month old, and I am sad to I have very few pictures to show for it. Trying to wrangling to kids, and a dog, leaves little time to document our life. I guess as some say we are too busy living it...and by living I mean feeding a baby every few hours, trying to clean the house, giving baths, going on walks, and occasionally a play date with some friends. Life has been crazy with two kids, but we are making it work one day at a time. Reagan is doing great and like Bailey is a great baby! She is a big girl and might pass her big sister up if she continues growing at this rate, but we couldn't be happier to have her in our family! Here are a few things Reagan's been up to this last month...

  • She eats every 3 hours, and on occasion throws it all back up (Bailey never spit up so that has been are biggest adjustment...spit up is NO fun!)
  • She just started smiling at us and cooing a little
  • Wears size 1 diapers, but we will be switching to 2's once this pack is gone
  • She is taking good naps during the day, and is giving me anywhere from a 4-6 hour stretch at night...I know I am lucky!
  • According to our scale at home she is weighing around 12-12 1/2 pounds, like I said big girl
  • She is wearing 0-3 months clothes, and depending on the brand some 3-6 much for her and Bailey sharing clothes
  • She loves taking baths
  • She has already been to her first QCHS football game
  • She has had a terrible case of baby acne, which is still lingering a little
  • She has been to church twice, and down pretty good
  • She doesn't like to burp, hence the spit up, and gets violent hiccups
  • My favorite - made herself cry because she was pulling her own hair...classic

Sleeping...her favorite past time

The girls with Grandma & Grandpa Millward

Bailey has been adjusting pretty well to having a little sister and I can say that she is more interested in her everyday. We have meltdown for sure, but she is nice to Reagan and I can't ask for more then that. She loves to hold her, touch her hair, point out all of her body parts, help change diapers, says she has the hiccups or that she's talking to you with every little sounds Reagan makes. I can't wait for Reagan to get bigger and for these two girls to start playing together...I really hope that they are best friends in the making! Happy 1 month Reagan, we love you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reagan's Story

Our story begins on Thursday, August 12th...

Being 41 weeks pregnant we headed into the doctor's office for a check-up & NST (non-stress test). Miss Reagan decided this would be a good time to sleep so her heart rate was a little lower then normal during the NST and she had one decel during the contraction. So my midwife & the OB decided I needed to go to the hospital for another NST and a BPP ultrasound (Bio Physical Profile), and if things didn't look good there I would be getting induced tonight. Cue Breakdown! Even though I was a week overdue I was not mentally ready to have a baby tonight, I was suppose to go into labor on my own. After calming down a little I asked Clint to give me a blessing before we headed into the hospital. It was exactly what I needed and it became something for me to refer back to and rely on over the next couple of days. We headed off to the hospital and everything looked great...heart rate was perfect and the ultrasound was too. My midwife wanted me to come in the next day to be induced, but I beg for one more day at least. So she said I had to go back in for another NST on Friday, but if nothing happened Saturday would be D-day!

Friday, August 13th

Since I was granted an extra day to get labor started on my own I was determined to make it happen. Keep in mind we had tried literally almost everything to induced labor on our own up to this point, but I wasn't willing to give up yet. So I started the morning off by walking about 1.5 miles, then I headed off to the massage therapist for a pressure point massage. They said to help the massage work I needed to walk, and walk some that is what I did. Being that it was almost 110 degrees outside I decided to head to the gym where I walked another 2 miles on the treadmill (praying that my water wouldn't break there). After the walk I went back to the hospital for the NST which again came back perfect, so I was sent home with a induction time of 11:00pm the next day. Feeling a little defeated I headed home to sulk and walk another mile thinking it would maybe help (but it didn't).

Saturday, August 14th

I woke up Saturday morning knowing that most likely I would not go into labor on my own and the getting induced was inevitable, but a scripture came to my mind and became my mantra for the next 24 hours. D&C 101:16 - Therefore, let your hearts be comforted...for all flesh is in mine hands; be still and know that I am God. The last part of the scripture went right along with what Clinton said in the blessing he gave me a few days earlier...he said that Heavenly Father knows me and my concern, but that he knows what is best and to trust in His plan. So I guess you could say that I gave my will over and tried to "be still." We spent most of the day hanging out and getting last minute things together, but really I should have been sleeping. After dinner out at BJ's, Clint & I headed to the hospital to meet our little girl.

Sunday, August 15th

They began inducing me around 12:30am by using PG gels, that help soften the cervix. How it works...they put the gel in and I am hooked up to the monitor for 1 hour, then I am allowed to walk for 40 minutes, and then back on the monitor for 20 minutes. They will do 3 rounds of this, unless your body goes into labor then they stop and let you labor how you want, and if you don't go into labor you move onto other methods of induction.
I was dilated to a 3 when we got to the hospital, and after the first round of gel I was still a 3 and my contractions were only 3-5 minutes apart so we moved onto round 2. After the second round I was definitely feeling them more and was hoping this was enough for them to stop the gels and lucky me it was. I was dilated to a 5 and my contractions were 2 minutes apart and it was time to get into the tub. I spent the next 2 hours laboring in the tub, and it was great a little too great. I could still feel the contractions, but I could tell that they were not as strong so it was out of the tub and time to walk again. By this time my midwife had shown up and so she checked me and I was a 6 1/2, but to be sure things kept progressing we decided to break my water (this was around 10am). After she broke my water we set off to walk some more to keep the contractions going, and that is exactly what they did. We did two more laps around the L&D floor and my contractions went from totally manageable to "Oh Shoot I am in Labor" intense! Clint and I headed back into our room and I labored by swaying back and forth with my head on his chest, aka the labor dance, for about a half an hour. Then it was time to be monitored again so we moved the ball to the side of the bed and I sat on that with my head laying on the bed. Things were pretty intense at this point, and I just kept telling myself...your in transition, things are almost done, and why did I want to do this again! After about 20-30 minutes my midwife asked if I needed to push, and I said that I feel some pressure but don't need to push. She decided it was time to check me again so I got up on the bed and I was an 8-8 1/2. My first thought was...really an 8, that is it? I have to keep doing this for two more centimeters, I don't know if I can. But those thoughts were quickly brushed aside, because with my next contraction I let everyone know that I was pretty sure I needed to push NOW! My midwife came back over from setting everything up and said yep, she is complete! Basically, my cervix just melted away with that one contraction and now it was time to push. I have to admit that after pushing for over an hour with Bailey I was a little worried, but 4 or 5 pushes later Reagan was born and lying on my chest!
It was an incredible labor and experience. Everyone says that every labor is different and mine sure were, but I couldn't have asked for anything more. I was able to labor the way I wanted to, and I am so grateful that I finally let myself "be still" and trust that Heavenly Father listens to me, has a plan for me, and knows me individually!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bailey's 1st Mustache

With the summer heat still a blazin' we made some kool-aid popsicles to stay cool, and while we waited for them to freeze Bailey got her 1st (of many) kool-aid mustache!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

She's Here...Finally!

Reagan Holloway
Born: 8/15/10
Time: 12:19pm
Weight: 9lbs. 10oz.
Length: 21 inches
She was a few days late, 9 to be exact, but she is here now and we couldn't be happier!

Reagan's Visitors at the Hospital
So happy to be going home
(Thanks Aunt Melissa for my perfect going home outfit!)
Reagan's Birth Story is coming soon as well as pics from her 1st week at home!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Quality Time

While running all over town trying to get ready for Baby #2 I quickly realized that I only had a couple more week with my little just the two of us. Don't get me wrong, I am so excited to have two girls and to watch them grow, play, & become friends. But, for me and Bailey it will never be quite the same. So I decided we needed less errands and more "quality time!"

Snack Date at Yogurt Jungle

Afternoon at the Splash Pad

I love you Bailey, and the last 20 months we have spent together. I know you will be a great Big Sis, and I can't wait for all of the fun times and memories that are in store for the 3 of us girls!

Friday, August 6, 2010

40 Weeks

Yes...I am suppose to be having a baby today, and No...I am not smuggling a basketball under my clothes. Bigger belly now or then, you decide! Here's to hoping a baby comes soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red, White, & Blue

We had a great 4th of July spent having LOTS of fun with friends & family, it was perfect! We went to church in the morning, ate some yummy food as a family, and then headed over to my cousin's house to watch some fireworks. My cousin Sam & his family moved closer to us a couple months ago, and I couldn't be happier to have them only 10 minutes away! As luck would have it, their new house is right next to the Gilbert Field of Dreams Baseball Stadium and the city was doing a firework at the stadium....Perfect!

We started the night off with big wheel rides around the cul de sac, with our very experienced driver Ethan at the wheel!

Then we started getting hopped up on sugar...

Whatever is in that cup must be real good...

Then we cuddled up to watch the big show (she loves her Aunt Liz, Uncle Blake, & cousin Finn)...

After the show we headed home for some much needed sleep, but the morning after we were able to meet up with Blake, Liz, and Finn for some 5th of July breakfast...delicious! These two are cuter then words & love each other almost all of the time!

Happy 4th of July!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Saga Continues

So I know I am a little behind the hype, but I finally finished The Twilight books about a month ago. I did read the first two books before seeing the movies, and finally decided with Eclipse quickly approaching it was time to find out what becomes of Edward, Bella, and Jacob! I like the books, but am not a Twilight junkie...but I was pretty excited to see this movie.

One of the YW in our ward was selling tickets as a fundraiser for an 8:15pm showing the day before it actually opened, so I got one! A few of us joined in the Twilight fever and even made shirts (Stacy I totally stole your idea from New Moon...thanks)! I have to admit I was stopped quite a few times with compliments on the shirt too! It was a great movie, a good time with friends, and way better then sitting outside in 110 degree weather waiting to see it at Midnight!!!

(mine says - Renesemee, Heidi's - Forks, Emily's - Edward prefers Burnettes)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our Little Fish

Bailey and I just finished our Parent & Tot Swim class last week, and it was so much fun. Bailey did great and really liked almost everything we did, with the exception of floating on her back. She learned how to do big kicks, big arms, blows bubbles, floating on her back or stomach (with help), and her favorite part of class was jumping off the wall. We were even lucky enough to have a friend in the class too. The dance teacher I work with at the highschool was there with her daughter Addison, and her and Bailey loved seeing each other and holding hands while they walked into the pool. Most of the pictures are from our last day of class when they had the splash pad turned on and gave us some free time to play. We had a blast and will probably be signing up for another session to get some one on one time with Bailey before her little sister comes! Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gone Camping

We packed up the tent, chopped the firewood, got the marshmallows ready for roasting and headed up to the mountains. This was our first time camping as a family, and taking an 18 month old while being 31 weeks pregnant I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. Our camping adventure was spent with Blake, Liz, Finn, Clint's mom Sandi, and our two dogs Bronco & Molly. We found a great little campsite at Sharp's Creek Campground which was about 25 miles north of Payson.

Day 1 started at pretty good...the guys got the tents up, dinner was on the fire, and then it took a turn for the worse. Bailey choked or swallowed a grape wrong and it decided to come right back up. She started getting really clingy after throwing up and didn't want to eat or drink much after that. A little later in the evening she eat some of a hot dog for dinner, but that came back up too...and after changing her into her pj's she decided to throw up one more time just for good measure.

Day 2 was going to be great...we got the kids to take a pretty good nap, and then we were heading up to a nearby lake. Bailey had other plans & I was at this point ready to go home. She slept in the air conditioned car the whole time at the lake, and still wasn't eating or drinking. So I decided we needed to head back to civilization for an hour or two and it was the best thing we could have done. A stop at Del Taco was all it took! Once Bailey got into the AC, had her own chair to feed herself in, and a yummy quesadilla she was a changed girl! I was so happy that she had something in her system, and decided it was going to be okay to stay one more night. So back at camp we made S'mores, Banana Boats, and called it a night.

Day 3 was leaving day so we spent most of the morning packing up camp, but Bailey finally seemed to be enjoying herself and the whole camping thing. I was glad she finally came around, but I was also glad to be going home. For our first camping trip I think it was pretty successful, but next time I plan on not being pregnant and packing a lot more children's Tylenol.

I love the outdoors and camping, and I know there will be many more camping adventures to come...just hopefully with a little less throw up. Our family is getting bigger and I can't wait to make even more memories with them...successful or not! Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

18 Months...Come & Gone

Well this is about a month over due, but on May 26th our little Bailey turned 18 months...CRAZY! She is the cutest, sweetest, and sassiest little girl I have ever met and I love her to pieces. It has been awhile since our last update (just keep scrolling if you want to see pics), so here are a lot of new things that have happened in Bailey's life and I am sure there are plenty more too...
  • She has 16 teeth, and loves to eat almost anything & everything with them
  • She weighs 23lbs., is around 32 inchs tall, and her head is somewhere in the 70% still
  • She loves animals & can recognize and do corressponding sounds to a dog, cat, birdie, elephant, tiger, lion, snake, lizard & iguana, chicken, rooster, bear, sheep, cow, bunny, zebra, fish, whale, and probably more.
  • She LOVES being outside, sliding, swimming, and going on walks
  • Talks up a storm and says tons of words...too many to name, and understands most of what we are telling her.
  • She loves candy and will stop anything she is doing and run to you if she hears the candy jar open
  • Walks or slides up and down the stairs by herself
  • Likes you to sing songs to her while she does the hand motions...she does Patty Cake, Popcorn Popping, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Crocodile Song, & Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
  • Loves her tongue
  • Goes to nursery and loves it, and so do mom and dad
  • She loves to color, play with mom's makeup brushes, and put on any jewerly she finds
  • Her favorite show, and don't ask me why, is Shrek 1 or 2
  • Loves to dance, especially when dad is beatboxing
  • She know what she wants and is not afraid to tell you NO or throw herself on the floor in a fit any 2 year old might have
  • Has the cutest way of saying HI when you go to get her in the morning or from a nap
  • She is super independent, listens (90% of the time), so sweet, loves to laugh and tickle, and puts a smile on our faces everyday

Photoshoot after her 1st day of nursery

She is a bundle of energy and fun and I LOVE her to death. She keeps me on my toes, surprises me with what she learns everyday, makes me laugh, and makes me so proud and happy to be her mom. Love you Bailey!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Conspiring Cousins

We have the pleasure of watching Finn (my nephew & Bailey's cousin) twice a week while Blake & Liz are at work. I love having family so close and having the opportunity for Bailey to be close with some of her cousins. Bailey and Finn love each other and for the most part they play really well together...they even find time to cause a little trouble!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Relay for Life

On April 23rd we had the opportunity to be a part of the Queen Creek Relay for Life Cancer Walk and it was a blast. A good friend of mine in our ward was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma about 2 years ago, and I am happy to say that today she is cancer free and has been for a while. So Team RBug was formed in her honor while she was going through treatment, but this year she was walking in person as a survivor! Rashelle is such a sweet gal, such an inspiration to me, and I am so happy to be her friend!

The QC walk is only about 5 years old and so it is only a 12 hour walk rather then a 24 hour one. The walk began at 6pm and after opening ceremonies our little family took to the track and walked our hour from 7:00-8:00. Bailey rode like a champ in her stroller lap after lap, while Clint & I kept trying to decided which delicious treat we were going to buy on the next go around. After our hour of walking we hung out with the team, danced to the live music, and ate some good food. Bailey and Clint stayed til about 10:00pm...but then it was time for the little Holloway to get to bed.

After they left we were entertained by a hypnotist, more dancing, raffle drawing, and some karaoke!!! I stayed til about 1:30am and then decided to call it a night...light weight I know! Next year I have decided my goal is to make it the whole night, because why wouldn't a 30 year old with two kids want to stay up ALL night!!! Really it was a blast hanging out with all the girls and being a part of such a great cause. On top of fundraising with the team I got to help Rashelle with some of the decorations for the Survivor Dinner they have at the walk. So about 4 days before the walk I was on Puff Ball duty! I made over 100 tissue paper balls (had some help with fluffing them) and made them into chandeliers that hung over the dinner tables. It was a TON of work, but they looked great and really that is all that matters least I did my part!

Our Team Captain Rashelle (and my puff balls) &

Rashelle & I with two of our Young Women

One of my favorite moments from the walk was the hour when they turned off all the lights in the stadium and lit all of the luminaries. It was so beautiful! On one side of the stadium the bags spelled out CURE and on the other side it said HOPE, and then they had individual bags lined around the track that people dedicated to friends and family members they have lost from cancer. It was a great reminder that life is so precious and we really need to enjoy every moment we have been blessed with! So here's to my friend Rashelle & my mother-in-law Sandi...two cancer survivors I am blessed to still have in my life!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Precious in His Sight

Tonight we went over to Blake & Liz's house for dinner, and while we were eating Bailey was chatting away as usual. Then out of nowhere I hear Liz say, "Yes, that's Jesus." I look over and see Bailey pointing at this picture on the wall saying, "Jeejus...jeejus."

My heart melted immediately! We have a couple of books for Bailey about Jesus, and I always tell her who Jesus is when we read them and she will say his name back to me...but she has never recognized & said his name on her own. Tonight reminded me just how close to the veil her little spirit is, and of the scripture in Matthew that says,

"And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them...And said, verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven...Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven."

I feel so blessed to be a mother and I pray that I can learn to become like the little spirits we have and will be blessed to have in our home. I love my Heavenly Father, I know that Jesus is my Savior and that he lives, and I hope Bailey will continue to recognize their love for her throughout her life on this earth so that she can return to live with them someday.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter & a Visit from Grandma & Grandpa Millward

So I have given up on back tracking, from this point on I will hopefully be better at updating & recording our here is a little of what we've been up to lately. We headed out to California a couple weeks ago for Easter and to meet our new twin nieces, Saylor & Ruby. The weekend went by way too fast, but we had a lot of fun relaxing and spending time with family. On Saturday, the grandkids colored Easter eggs with Nana and had an Easter egg hunt in the neighbors yard across the street. Bailey loved coloring the eggs, but slept through the Easter egg unfortunately we don't have a any pictures to document her big Easter experience this year.

We continued the weekend with a few fun Holloway traditions...none of which I got pictures of, lame I know! Saturday night the boys went to Priesthood, and we met up with them after at Paul's Place for dinner. This tradition started long before I was around, but ever since Clint and I started dating I remember going to Paul's Place after every Priesthood session. We love that place & wish we could find a place like it out here in AZ to continue the tradition. Sunday was Easter & we just hung out all day watching conference and eating great food! We ended the night watching Ten Commandments which is another tradition of the Holloway household.

Our other reason for heading out was to see Saylor & Ruby, our nieces that were born back in Febuary. We wanted to see them before they got too big, but they have already practically doubled in size. They are the sweetest little girls, and we couldn't be happier for Kevin, Melissa, and Reese. I seriously don't know how they are doing it with two babies...I could barely handle one! Bailey wasn't too sure of them at first, she would point & say baby but keep her distance. She quickly warmed up to them & would run over to them everytime they were in the room wanting to touch & kiss them. We are so happy we got to meet them, but are so sad that they live so far away!

Bailey kissing Baby Ruby

Baby Saylor

After too short of a visit to Cali we headed home to get ready for my parents to come the next day! We had a great time with Grandma & Papa, and are so happy they came to visit & to celebrate my birthday. We shopped, ate great food, went to the zoo, played at the park, and much more! On Friday we met up with my cousin-in-law, Kristi, and her two boys, Ethan & Blake at the zoo. It was so fun to see Bailey start to recognize the animals and make their sounds, it makes the trip so much more fun. The zoo has a kid area with a playground & petting zoo for the little ones, and Bailey LOVED it. We took the kids to the petting zoo to pet some goats, and I wasn't too sure how Bailey would react. I'm mean our dog is bigger then most of them so she shouldn't be scared, and she wasn't. She walked right in, started petting them, and calling all of them doggies. We had a great time with the Kasper's & can't wait to go again!

One of the days we headed down the street to this great park with a duck pond, playground, and splash pad. We tried to feed some ducks, but they didn't really want to come over...maybe because Bronco was there. Bailey is loving the playground right now, she will go down the slide all by herself and loves it. Once she gets to the bottom she turns around, says "agen", and starts climbing up the slide! It was super windy that day at the park, but one little boy was at the splash pad and so I told Bailey to go get the water...really just to see if she would do it or not. Sure enough she did! She loves the water and I can't wait to go to the pool this summer.

I turned 29 on April 11th, and did not take one picture from any of the celebrating we did. But to be honest we really didn't do to much, I'm holding out for the BIG one next year! My good friend Heidi made me this AMAZING shirt for my b-day, and I L-O-V-E it! The saying is a little inside joke with my other Young Women those gals.

We had a great couple of weeks and I can't say it enough, but I love our families and feel so blessed to have so many great people in our lives! I miss everyone already and can't wait to see them again!