Saturday, February 28, 2009

3 Months of Bailey

World's Cutest 3 Month Old Baby Girl
3 Months already? I really can't believe that Bailey turned 3 months on Thursday and even more then that I can't believe how much she has changed and learned. I think that the picture above sums it all up...Bailey is the cutest and happiest baby and I love her so much. So here is a list of some of the new and exciting things Bailey's doing...
  • Recognizes and smiles at Mom and Dad 99% of the time
  • Holds her head up when she is one her tummy, and sometimes will lift both arms off the mat and her head stays up - I like to call it baby yoga
  • Loves to hit and grab onto the things hanging from her tummy time mat
  • Sleeps for about 7hrs at night, wakes up to nurse and then goes back down for 3hrs
  • Loves the TV and Baby Einstein (she is daddy's little girl)
  • Sits up like champ with the assistance of her Bumbo
  • Balances sitting up while Daddy holds onto one of her thighs, and he is already starting to try and have her balance standing up
  • Is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers
  • Likes Patty Cake and Wheels on the Bus
  • Talks your ear off in the morning

We hope you enjoy her as much as we do...sorry I couldn't figure out how to center the video!


Braden and Jodee said...

Happy 3 months! She is just darling. I love how talkative they are in the AM too. It's my favorite time.

Jenny said...

She is adorable! I have to get over there this week to see you guys!

Kevin & Dani said...

I also can't believe how fast time is going. Nathaniel is just a few days older then Bailey and my how they change. I am glad that you are enjoying yourself as much as I am! The pictures are beautiful.

Ashley and Gary Millward said...

Oh she is getting TOOOO big! You must make a visit here soon! She is just darling! Gabe says hi cousin!!

Lynsey said...

Such a sweet baby girl!!! Yes - about the headbands, there's a local woman who has opened up a few stands in the malls here. I know you guys don't live here so I looked to see if she had a website. Here's the address:
She's got a few different color headbands, and tons of bows and flowers. The bow's I suck at making, but the flowers are really easy to make! I can tell you how if you'd like.
Anyhow hope all is well with you guys - have fun accessorizing Bailey!! :)

lauriemcmurt said...

Andrea Millward, how the heck are you!!! So my mom told me about seeing you at the temple and I have been thinking about you ever since! And then finally I check my wayward blog! Your baby is gorgeous! What a cutie! Congratulations on becoming a parent. Right now you are probably loving it, just wait until they can knowingly talk back to you! That is a challenge like you have never had before. You may think, hey, I am a happy easy going person and then a little one says some mean comment and you fly off the handle. It is great!! Okay, I am joking, I love my kids, but we are definitely going through a new phase with Megan. Unfortunately this phase could last well through adolescence. Oh well. I am so happy to have a blog so I can keep up to date with you. You look fantastic, by the way. I am loving the short hair. You know how to rock it much better now than in the 7th grade, yes I remember the picture! So where in AZ do you live? We are just over here in ABQ so maybe we could meet up sometime. Have fun with your cute little one. Each new phase is so exciting and fun, you will love it! Take care!

cinnamonmans said...

andrea, so i just came across your blog and i see this adorable baby girl with such cute clothes and YOUR long dancer legs in every picture! it was so fun to feel like i ran into you again! we had a baby too in oct. ain't it the best? i'm still sad i had to miss your grad party a couple years ago 'cause i was out of town. hope we can reunite one day again... i've been thinking of planning an eldo reunion in a couple of years! love ya, cinnamon

sara said...

Hi Andrea, I ran across your blog just like Cinnamon. So good to see how you're doing and that you guys have an adorable baby girl! I can't believe you've been married over 5 years. My how time flies. I just had a baby girl a week and a half ago. So fun huh?!

Kate said...

Andrea!! what is going on?! I found your blog through someone elses.
How are you??
Hope all is well, what a beautiful family you have, your daughter is so darn cute :) Keep in touch!