Sunday, March 29, 2009

Doctors & Dancers

This past Thursday Bailey turned 4 months, which meant it was time for her 4 month check-up with the doctor! At 4 months Bailey wieghs 14lbs. 2oz. (67%), is 25in. long (90%), and her head is 16 1/2in round (78%). From the looks of it so far we think she has inherited my grandma's genes which will make her tall and skinny...I'm sure she'll thank me later! It has been 4 months with her and I can say that I really do love her more and more everyday, she is becoming so much fun and I know that will just keep getting better! Here are a few new things happening in Bailey's life...
  • She had a schedule and then decided it was time to change she is now eating about every 4 hours.
  • Has found her upper octave and serinades us with high pitch squeals
  • Can roll from her stomach to her back, but doesn't do it very often
  • Goes to bed around 8:30pm, gets up once and then goes back to sleep til around 7:00am
  • Pushes from her elbows up to her hands while doing tummy time
  • Smiles so big every time she hears hers daddy's voice
  • Still wears 3-6 month clothes, but the 3 month stuff is getting too short for her long legs
  • Started playing in her exer-saucer and so far so good (she needs to be just a little taller and she will be bouncing away)
  • Loves facing outward in the Moby wrap...she loves to explore and watch the world around her (especially her dog Bronco at the dog park)
  • Will finally let me rock her to sleep while listening to her Baby Mine lullaby cd
  • Loves to take naps with daddy

Friday night I had the chance for a night out without the little one to see some old friends dance. This last year before Bailey came I had the oppurtunity to dance with the Ririe Woodbury Dance Company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. I was a part of a special tour that they do featuring the work of choreographer Alwin Nikolais. While dancing with them I got to perform in Wickenburg, AZ, St. Louis, MO, Philidelphia, PA, Durham, NC, and 3 cities in France! Obviously, since I had a baby I would not be able to dance with them again this year, but as luck would have it their tour brought them to AZ. The company got in on Tuesday and I picked them up in the minivan on Wednesday to meet Miss Bailey and dinner at In-N-Out. It was so great to see them all and their concert was made me want to get in shape so that I can start dancing again. I had such an amazing time dancing with the company and they have become some of my best friends and given me AMAZING memories!


The Peterson's said...

Cute pictures! She is getting cuter everyday.

Jodee said...

A: She is such a cutie! B: You need to post bigger pictures, I can never see her well enough I feel. and 3. When the heck are you coming up here! Yes, I just said heck.

Ashley and Gary Millward said...

I agree with jodee about making the pictures bigger! I really can't get enough of that belly she has! And I sure do love the cuddle monster jammies on her though!