Monday, June 15, 2009

She's Growing Up

Bailey has a TOOTH!!! I saw it yesterday when she was eating her cereal & sweet potatoes before church. When she was taking a bite I noticed that her bottom gums looked a little whiter then usual, so I put my figure in there and sure enough a tooth had broken through the gums. I don't have the 1st Official picture yet, because every time that girl's mouth is open her tongue is out covering that LITTLE tooth. I've even tried holding her tongue back, but so far no luck with that either. I will keep trying and hopefully it will get easier as the tooth comes in more, but I had to make sure I got the post up here so that I can remember the date for Bailey's book. When I found it yesterday I have to admit that I was actually a LOT sad...she's not a baby anymore. I kind of feel like her getting teeth was the last thing I had to hold onto before she moved on from the baby stage, and now she has a tooth :( I've been SO excited for her to get bigger, start moving, talking, etc, but yesterday I guess I realized that she will never be this little again and it made me sad (it is actually making me tear up a little now thinking about it...can I still blame the emotions on baby hormones?). I guess that's why we have more BABIES though, right? More pictures to come of my growing girl!!!

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