Saturday, July 11, 2009

7 mOnths, family, phOtO shOOts, and firewOrks

Bailey turned 7 months on June 26th so as you can see I am a little behind, but with a sick baby and flying out of state it is bound to happen...right? So here are a couple of new things for B this last month...
  • Has her 2 bottom teeth
  • Will roll over from her stomach to back again
  • Is throwing up her Rice Cereal (more of this story to come)
  • Says Mamama and Dadada, and I think she knows that I am Mamama
  • Giggling more and is ticklish under her arms
  • Will find and play with her teddy bear in her crib when she wakes up
  • On the verge of crawling, she rocks on her hands & knees but still moves backwards

(Finally, a pic of both tEEth...and yes her tongue is always out)

We got Bailey's 6 mOnth pictures taken...the day before she turned 7 mOnths, and they turned out GREAT! We wanted to use the same photographer that took her baby pictures, because we loved them, but she wasn't available til the end of June. So sure they were a little late, but she was still technically 6 mOnths! We also want to say THANKS to Amanda for such AMAZING pictures...and we can't wait for more when she is 1!

On the 29th of June Bailey & I boarded the plane and headed up to WA to visit the family! She did great on the plane (she is a pretty seasoned flier though), but I can see how it will be more challenging the more mobile she gets. We flew up to WA for a few reasons...1 Visit friends & new babies, 2 Sealing of my Grandma & Grandpa, 3 My Mom's B-Day, which is also the 4th of July! Our week in WA started at the Temple for my Mom's family Sealings. My Grandpa Kasper passed away over a year ago, and was not a member of the church so we had a great opportunity to do some of the Temple work for him and some of his family. We were able to do the Sealings for my Great Grandparents, my Grandparents, and then my mom and her two siblings were Sealed together with their parents. It was such an amazing experience to be in the Temple with so many family members and to feel the Spirit that was there with us. My grandparents loved each other so much and my Grandpa lived without my Grandma on this earth for about 10 years so you can imagine the Spirit that was there when they were Sealed...they will be together forever and I know that is what they want! I am so happy for my mom and her family, and I feel so blessed to have shared this moment with them.

The other reason we went up there was for the 4th of July, which just so happens to be my Mom's Birthday. We started out the 4th by heading out in the morning to Pasco for the annual parade and pancake breakfast. Bailey enjoyed watching all the cars, horses, floats, and people walk by...but it quickly became naptime.

After naptime we took a dip in the pool waiting for my brother to get off work, and once Gary got home it was time for presents. About a month before we went up there Ashley and I had planned to get Gabe & Bailey's pictures taken as a gift to my Mom. They turned out GREAT, and she cried so we know it was a successful gift! Here is the picture that we framed for my Mom, and some of my favorites that were taken.

We ended our day in typical 4th fashion with some fireworks! Since it doesn't get dark until after 9:00pm up there we had to do some of the little fireworks and sparklers early before the kids went to bed. Bailey didn't care to much for the sparklers, but she loved watching the fireworks. We had a great week up there, and as usual it went by way too fast! Until our next trip...thanks Mom & Dad we love you and miss you already!


Pieces of me... said...

What a neat experience to have in the temple... and what a blessing it is to be a member of this church! Those are BEAUTIFUL pictures of you little one by the way. My personal fav is the one showing her teeth. :)

Jenny said...

I may love your home pics of Bailey even more. Those rock!

Nate & Brianne said...

Too darn cute...seriously!!

Lynsey said...

What a sweet girl! These pics are so cute!

Kevin & Dani said...

I love the 7 month pictures. They are so beautiful.