Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back Tracking...but we are still here

So I admit that it has been awhile, ok forever, since I updated our blog and I don't have a great excuse for it, but a few people have told me to get back on top of it so here is my attempt. I have missed a few big posts so I am going to go back a few months and try to catch up from there. I want to make a book out of our blog so I need to post these, so if you don't want to read I understand, and I will try to hurry and get back to the present day (bear with me)!

Back in November, we had a BIG event take place...Miss Bailey's 1st Birthday (what a great mom I am right...birthday post 3 months later)! We had a party here in AZ a week before the big day with friends and family. It was such a blast, Bailey LOVED her cake and opening all of her presents. Big THANKS to everyone who came to celebrate with our little girl!

Thanks to my Aunt Ashley for my super CUTE b-day shirt!

She didn't really attack her cake like I was hoping, but she did throw a serious fit when we tried to take the cake away. Maybe she was scared at how big her cake was...let's be honest it is the biggest cupcake I've ever seen, I would be scared too.

We headed out to California for Thanksgiving which was also Bailey's Birthday, so naturally we had another party for her out there. I was really bad at taking pictures while we were out there, so I guess I should be thankful I captured a few from the party.

How did a year go by so fast...our little Bailey is a sweet & ever so sassy girl, and I love every bit of her. She is a pro walker, a great talker - although her words aren't the most understandable, and she has become an amazing eater. If you have read past post you will know that eating was something we struggled with. Bailey has a rice allergy that took awhile to diagnois, we are hoping she will grow out it, but she didn't seem all that interested in real food for quite a long time. Now she is eating us out of house and it! So Bailey, Happy Birthday, your mom & dad love you so much and are so glad we have you in our lives!


Braden and Jodee said...

Happy VERY belated birthday to Bailey!

Chris and Lynsey Williamson said...

Happy birthday to a sweet little lady! I was curious if you guys are going to find out what you are having this time around?? Just curious! Let me know!