Saturday, June 19, 2010

18 Months...Come & Gone

Well this is about a month over due, but on May 26th our little Bailey turned 18 months...CRAZY! She is the cutest, sweetest, and sassiest little girl I have ever met and I love her to pieces. It has been awhile since our last update (just keep scrolling if you want to see pics), so here are a lot of new things that have happened in Bailey's life and I am sure there are plenty more too...
  • She has 16 teeth, and loves to eat almost anything & everything with them
  • She weighs 23lbs., is around 32 inchs tall, and her head is somewhere in the 70% still
  • She loves animals & can recognize and do corressponding sounds to a dog, cat, birdie, elephant, tiger, lion, snake, lizard & iguana, chicken, rooster, bear, sheep, cow, bunny, zebra, fish, whale, and probably more.
  • She LOVES being outside, sliding, swimming, and going on walks
  • Talks up a storm and says tons of words...too many to name, and understands most of what we are telling her.
  • She loves candy and will stop anything she is doing and run to you if she hears the candy jar open
  • Walks or slides up and down the stairs by herself
  • Likes you to sing songs to her while she does the hand motions...she does Patty Cake, Popcorn Popping, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Crocodile Song, & Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
  • Loves her tongue
  • Goes to nursery and loves it, and so do mom and dad
  • She loves to color, play with mom's makeup brushes, and put on any jewerly she finds
  • Her favorite show, and don't ask me why, is Shrek 1 or 2
  • Loves to dance, especially when dad is beatboxing
  • She know what she wants and is not afraid to tell you NO or throw herself on the floor in a fit any 2 year old might have
  • Has the cutest way of saying HI when you go to get her in the morning or from a nap
  • She is super independent, listens (90% of the time), so sweet, loves to laugh and tickle, and puts a smile on our faces everyday

Photoshoot after her 1st day of nursery

She is a bundle of energy and fun and I LOVE her to death. She keeps me on my toes, surprises me with what she learns everyday, makes me laugh, and makes me so proud and happy to be her mom. Love you Bailey!


Ashley Millward said...

Love her tounge!!

Kelsey said...

She is super cute! Are you finding out what youre having next? Oh, and isnt nursery, WONDERFUL!