Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Fall Fun...still catching up

I love fall and how it is the beginning of the best time of the my opinion! This year I was so excited for all the fun fall has to offer and to watch Bailey loving every, well almost every, minute of it. This year we started off our fun at the Phoenix Zoo's Pumpkin Palooza, and it was a lot of fun. Bailey had fun petting the animals, walking through the "corn (hay) maze," and most of all watching the animals eat their pumpkins!

After the zoo we meet up with Blake, Liz, and Finn at a nearby pumpkin patch to let the kids pick out their pumpkins. Last year Bailey hated the pumpkin patch, she seriously cried the entire time we were there. I was keeping my fingers crossed that this year would be different and for the most part it was. Bailey and Finn had fun running around and picking up all the pumpkins!

The Search for the Perfect Pumpkin

Let's be honest one trip to the pumpkin patch isn't enough, a few days later we headed back with Sam, Kristy, and the boys to really play at the pumpkin patch. We walked through a real corn maze, pet animals at the petting zoo, rode a "train", high speed biking with daddy, and much more. We had lots of fun and are training Bailey everyday for Halloween...trick or treat!


Pieces of me... said...

They eat the pumpkins?? Now that's just funny! Those are some of the cutest pics :)

Lynsey said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun!!! I miss nice weather!!

Crystal Escobar said...

Cute cute pictures!!! I love the fall.