Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Week with Grandma & a 5 Month Update

Last week my mom came into town to visit us, and we had fun keeping her busy! Thursday evening after my mom arrived we took Bronco to the dog park. Friday, we met up with Melissa and Reese at the Basha High pool so that Grandma Liz could take Bailey swimming. If you don't know already my mom is a swimmer so swimming with the grandkids is a must. It wasn't as warm as the 1st time Bailey swam so she wasn't as big of a fan of the colder water. We had a great day in the sun, and look forward to many more this summer (just wish Grandma lived closer to take her). Saturday, we took the family to the Phoenix Zoo. We had a great time walking around looking at all the animals...I even think Bailey enjoyed it too. We got a membership for Clint and I so I think there will be many zoo days in the future. Sunday was a typically day of much needed rest for everyone, but me! Monday, Bailey, my mom, and I met up with the Bradley moms and their babies for breakfast at Joe's Farm Fresh, which was fun and delicious. After breakfast we spent of the rest of the day shopping for stuff that we probably didn't need to buy, but that's what moms and daughters do right? Tuesday was Grandma's last day in AZ and it came way to fast. We had a great time with her here and can't wait for her next visit...hopefully Grandpa will get to come next time too!

Bailey also turned 5 months on the 26th, and I seriously can't believe that she has been with us for almost 1/2 a year! So to keep this post from becoming a novel I will give you a quick list of the new things that have happened this last month.
  • Rolled over from her back to her stomach
  • Had her 1st good laugh...and it was at the dog of course (doesn't she know she has pretty hilarious parents)
  • Found her feet and then quickly got over them
  • Makes the "raspberry" sound ALL OF THE TIME!!!
  • Can balance standing in 1 of Daddy's hands (pictures to come)
  • Went swimming for the 1st time & loved it
  • Sleeps in her own room (yeah I know she's 5 month, but whatever works right?)
  • Can sit up on her own...until she gets too excited then she knocks herself over

Happy 5 months to our little one, we love you!


Donovan and Tawny Holloway said...

FUN FUN FUN, we still have the babe in the room so 5 months seems early still to me cause i don't know when we will do it. It's crazy all the fun stuff going on and it's not even summer yet imagine how much more you'll probably be doing with even more visitors.

Kate said...

Oh, how the sun and warmth sound so nice :)
She is just a doll, so cute. Happy 5 month birthday!

Braden and Jodee said...

She is such a cutie pie! I love those old navy tanks, they are my favorite! I don't know if you were saying it was bad that you already put her in her own room... if so, then I am a HORRIBLE Mom because Brighton slept in her crib in the other room from day 1!! lol. You really need to come up here already :)

Braden and Jodee said...

PS. She'll be sitting up like a champ in a matter of weeks. You'll be loving life.

Trisha said...

I'm about to come visit you so you can take me to all those fun places. 5 mths sleeping with you isn't bad....I plan on letting Nixon sleep with me forever (and sometimes I want to go get Logan in the middle of the night and put him in bed with me too). I was happy to get a VM from you. Sorry I haven't called back yet!!

Ashley and Gary Millward said...

Really? Can you just freeze her age right now please? I can't handle her! I can't wait for you two to visit! Her and Gabe will have lots of fun I am sure of it out in the backyard in his pool!