Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Little Fish

All of the Holloway's were in town this past weekend for Finn's baby blessing, and it was so great having all of the cousin together for the 1st time! Saturday we all went swimming at this super fun pool that is nearby, and Bailey LOVED it. This was her 1st time swimming, and the water didn't phase her at all. She loves the bath tub so I kind of assumed that she would like the pool, but you never really know. It's a good thing she likes it, because let's be honest we live in AZ and she really doesn't have a choice...we WILL be in the pool all summer long!
I bought her a little 3-6 month bikini on sale thinking she could wear it a couple times, but when I tried it on her she had rolls coming over the top of the back strap. She wore her rash guard suit the whole day (which is probably safer), but I put the bikini on just so we could get a quick picture of how cute she is!
Sunday we went over the Blake and Liz's house for Finn's Baby Blessing, and it was wonderful! Blake did such a great job and gave a very sweet blessing. We ate some GOOD food, had some good family fun, and TRIED to get some pictures of all of the grandkids (maybe it will be easier in the future, but then again maybe not).
Finn, the Man of the Hour...he was really hungry
Grandma & Grandpa Holloway with all the grandkids
We had a great time having everyone here, and it makes me wish that we all closer (maybe one day)!


Braden and Jodee said...

Thank your for the bigger pictures :) She is such a doll in her little swimsuit! It's flippin' hot here right now, so I think Brighton will get her first beach trip :) I'm sure it was so much fun to have all the little cousin's together!

Lynsey said...

Kaia has those same sunglasses - so cute!
It must have been so fun to have everyone together. I know Liz and Blake feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family! And such fun grandparents! (I also almost got that same bikini too - for Kaia of course)

Ashley and Gary Millward said...

I really can't handle how cute this baby girl is. She just eats me up! Send me some pictures in an email so I can print some out for Gabe to have in a photo album in his room please. I think you should come for a visit too, maybe i'll buy the little miss a new suit if you do!