Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend with Great Grandma...and some others too!

Bailey & I flew up to Utah last Thursday so that she could visit with Great Grandma Millward. We made a trip up in the spring because my Grandma got very sick, and I wanted her to have a chance to meet Bailey...but she was so in and out while in the hospital she didn't really remember her very much. So when my parents said they were driving down for the weekend I decided we needed to come up too. We had a great seat on the plane that had tons of room for Bailey to play which made the plane ride very easy!

Our flight got in before my parents arrived so our friend Kiara, who used to be in our Ward in AZ, drove up from Provo to pick us. We got to spend the afternoon with her which was great, since we hadn't seen her since May. Thanks again Kiara and CONGRATS on the BABY on the way!!!! Friday afternoon we met up with some more old friends...the dancers from Ririe Woodbury. I love those guys so much & miss them tons! It was so fun visiting with them & we even got to watch them run through a few dances from their upcoming show. Bailey watched for a while & my nephew Gabe was totally into one point he even got up and tried to imitate what the dancers were doing. The dancers leave soon for France & I can't believe it has been almost a year & a half since I was over there with much has changed!

Aside from seeing old friends Bailey had tons of time to play with her cousin Gabe. I think Gabe had a little more fun with her this trip since she is more mobile & interactive, but sometimes he is still not too sure. He will talk about her, but won't talk to her & he loves to bring her, paci, etc. I loved watching them & can't wait to see them at Christmas. To keep the kids busy we took them down to the big splash pad at the Gateway Mall & to the Children's Musuem. Gabe loved the water, and Bailey charged it too...but then the water shot up and hit her in the face, and that was the end of that. The Children's Musuem was a ton of fun, and Gabe LOVED it. I can't wait for Bailey to get a little older so that I can take her to do all that stuff. We had so much fun with Gabe & can't wait to see him in December!

The rest of our trip was spent at Great Grandma house or taking the ladies out to eat. It was so fun watching Bailey interact with my Grandma & Great Aunt. They loved how much Bailey smiled & how happy she was all the time. She didn't want to be held a lot, but we were able to get a few good pics. I love these ladies so much & am so glad for the time I lived in UT and got to spend with them. Bailey doesn't have many Great Grandparents left, so I hope we are able to visit them a lot so that she can remember that relationship & how much they love her. Families really are the BEST...thanks goodness they are FOREVER too!


Pieces of me... said...

What a fun trip! I bet it was just as fun for everyone else to you and your little one too. :) She's such a cutie... and I LOVE the way you display your pics... how do you do that?

Mead Family said...

Tell Kiara congrats from me! I'm so happy for her-so well deserved!

Lynsey said...

Babies make plane rides so much more fun! How fun for her to meet her great grandma! What a lucky girl!