Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Bailey

I just realized that in the midst and craziness of having a baby a year ago today I never actually documented Bailey's birth story. So I decided that today, her "birth"day, would be a perfect time to document the story for her and for me. It might be a long one so read if you want, and enjoy! Her 1 year post with party and updates will come in a couple of days once we get back home.

I was exactly 41 weeks and was getting ready for a doctor's appt. to check and make sure that everything was alright with the baby, and I noticed that I was feeling kind of crappy. I felt like I was going to start my period, which was a little weird after not having one for awhile, but I went on with my morning thinking it would go away after I ate. Around 9-10am Clint and I headed off to the doctor's and I was feeling what I thought might be actual contractions. Once at the office they hooked me up to the monitor and my midwife, Janice, confirmed that those were indeed real contractions and that she would probably see me later that night to have a baby! So Clint and I headed home to have a some lunch (had to get as much energy as possible for the night ahead) and to do some walking. While walking through the neighborhood I noticed that the contractions were getting stronger (still bearable), and I was having to stop every once in awhile when one would happen. After walking I decided to try and rest for an hour or two, to see if that would help my body relax.

It was now around 5pm, and I was done resting and having trouble finding a comfortable position. About a half an hour later I was leaning over our bed "relaxing", and I felt and heard a pop and then there was water! I ran to the bathroom, where conveniently Clinton was using the toilet, and I just remember saying "move, move, move." He stopped what he was doing, and later asked why I didn't just go into the shower. I'm sorry my water just broke and I am having your baby, next time I will try to think more! We called Janice and told that my water broke and that everything looked good, and asked when she thought we should come in. She said to come in whenever I felt like it, and to know that the contractions would be getting a lot stronger now. We waited around the house for another hour and a half, but I felt my contractions really low in my belly & more in my quads and hip flexors which made standing, kneeling, sitting, you name it uncomfortable. We had decided that we wanted to have a natural birth and to do most of my laboring in a birth tub, so we headed to the hospital.

We got into our room around 8:00pm and got checked...I was dilated to a 4.5, and for the next 5 hours labor consisted of getting monitored on the ball for 15 minutes then back to the tub for 45 minutes. That tub saved my life, I was able to relax so much once I got in the tub. Never once did I think that labor was too painful, but at this point my body was tired and I didn't know how much longer I could go. Around midnight I was in transition, and feeling more pressure so it was time to get out and see how much progress was made. My one fear was that I hadn't progressed and I was going to have to keep laboring, but I was dilated to a 9.5 and it was almost time to push. To get to the much wanted 10 centimeters I walked around the room, sat on the toilet, and tried to push. Finally, around 2:00am the real work began! I pushed and pushed and pushed for over an hour. I remember thinking at one point that there was know turning back was too late, and every time Janice would say just a few more many is just a few more! My little one did not want to come out and Janice said that maybe we need to think about an episiotomy. I did not want an episiotomy, and asked her if she was sure I needed one. She told me I had two more pushes, and on the third push Bailey Holloway entered the world at 3:21am. Our little girl weighed in at 9lbs. 1oz., was 21 inches long, and was perfect in every way.

I had a amazing labor, and am so happy with the decision we made for a natural birth. I am thankful for Clint for going to 13 weeks of Bradley classes and being a perfect coach. But really I am so thankful for Bailey and for the opportunity I have to be her mom. So Happy Birthday Bailey, and thank you for making this last year one I will never forget. Your dad and I love you so much, and can't wait to see what the next year holds!


Kenny said...

I'm a sucker for birth stories...thanks for posting it! I can completely sympathize with your moment with your midwife telling you just a few more pushes. I remember my doctor with Harrison telling me "he's almost here" over and over again. Finally I asked what "almost" meant!

Pieces of me... said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Bailey! :) By the way, LOVE the pic on top of your blog!