Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Fun Update

The month of October flew by way too fast, and now I have to start thinking about Christmas & Bailey's 1st B-day. But before I get too ahead of myself let me share what FUN the last month has been! As mentioned in an earlier post my mom was here for a couple of weeks at the beginning of the month, and we had lots of projects to keep us busy & good intentions to get them all done. We did get some done, but sickness hit the Holloway house and so projects got put on hold. Before the sickness hit we were able to somewhat organize our office & my sewing/craft room, did ALOT of canning, refinished a table for my porch, and started decorating for Halloween. I didn't get a lot of pics with my mom this time around....need to be do better next time!

The "Fruits" of our Labor...literally! We canned 24 jars of Peaches, 20 jars of Peach-Raspberry & Peach-Strawberry Freezer jam, 12 jars of Applesauce, and 5 jars of Applebutter.

Got the domino for a $1.00 at a store going out of business...I love cute $1.00 decor

About a week after my mom went home Clint's parent came out for a visit, and it had been awhile since they had been it was great to have them! While they were here we took Bailey & Finn to the Pumpkin Patch to get our pumpkins & some fun pictures. I was so excited to get cute pics of Bailey sitting in the pumpkins, but she had other plans. She HATED it, and no matter what we tried she would not smile. I can only imagine what pictures with Santa are going to be like!!

The rest of the month was spent decorating the house, making costumes, and enjoying all of the Halloween activities. As for Halloween night & Bailey's 1st Trick or Treating experience...well it was pretty low key. We stopped by 4 houses and although she didn't want to walk up to the door by herself, she would take the candy out of the bucket (I guess she got much figure out). After that we headed back to our house to pass out candy to the tons of Trick or Treaters in the neighborhood (we went through 5 bags, and about 300-400 pieces of candy).

I love Halloween Fun!!

Our CUTE Bumblebee at the Trunk or Treat

Family Fun Carving Pumpkins

Bailey's 1st Trick or Treat...Happy Halloween!


Amy and Kyle said...

Your gal is SO stinkin cute...I love her face!!!

I also love that bumble bee costume AND your CUTE decor!!!

Donovan and Tawny Holloway said...

I am so jealous she can walk, and moreso that she potentially could have walked up to the door for trick or treating. Maybe by Thanksgiving when you guys are here Rylan will be walking (probably just wishful thinking). It does look like she is smiling with Clint at the pumpkin patch a little bit. She's the cutest bumblebee i have ever seen.

The Peterson's said...

Cute decorations! I love her cute costume too!

trisha said...

cutest decor, can you do mine next year:)!

Ashley Millward said...

Love the decor, and Love that little B! I can't get enough! December can't come fast enough!

Us said...

Andrea - seriously awesome Halloween decorating. It looks just like a magazine! You put me to shame. And Bailey is the cutest little bee ever. I'm bummed we couldn't hang out this year. Next year for sure.

Lynsey said...

What a sweet little girl!! Happy Birthday too!! One year old - crazy how it fly's!!